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Lotto's 'Passport to Dream'


Concept / Director  / Post Supervision


Lotto NZ needed a way to convey the feeling of winning bringing an instant change of lifestyle, and wanted to integrate with TVNZ's 'Breakfast' programme.  I pitched a competition with a luxury travel prize that was to be taken instantly, with entrants needing their passport and bags packed if they were to have a chance to win.  I directed this shoot highlighting their holiday, the edit and post-production process.

'6 Degrees of Kiwi Bacon'


Concept / Copywriting / Director / Post Supervision


Kiwi Bacon wanted a daily spot to leverage their association with TVNZ's 'Breakfast'.  They wanted an adaptable campaign that was quick and relatively cheap to produce.

I pitched and created '6 Degrees of Kiwi Bacon', a spot that puts a cheeky twist on both the '6 Degrees of Seperation', and the '6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon' games.   The spots could be adapted to be relevant to current events.  Currently over 50 executions have played.

Twinings - 'Offspring' Sponsorship 


Copywriting / Director / Post Supervision


To tie in with Twinings sponsorship of the popular show 'Offspring', Blacksand created a sponsorship credit that used storylines from the show to relate to their message of 'Making everyday special' with Twinings.

Copy was written to specifically tie in with events that just played on-air, and the set-design matched locations from the show.

Toyota 'Our First Home' Sponsorship


Concept / Copywriting / Director / Post Supervision


Toyota were a main sponsor of the first season of TVNZ's flagship home renovation show 'Our First Home'.  Their spots needed to include talent from the show and highlight the range of family vehicles available.  

'48 Hours Film Festival' TVC


Concept / Copywriter / Director / Editor


TVNZ's Channel U was the broadcast sponsor for NZ's '48 Hour Film Festival', a long-running competition setting the challenge to film-makers to create a movie in a weekend.  To highlight our partnership, I created a series of vingettes featuring a popular actor from previous winning films, Ian 'Flash' Gordon, presenting tongue-in-cheek tips to entrants.


RIP Flash 1949-2014


Rhythm and Vines Highlights Day 1


Producer / Director / 2nd Camera / Editor


TVNZ U was the broadcast sponsor for the 'Rhythm and Vines' music festival.  I produced content including interviews and highlights packages of each day of the festival which then played out as interstitial content on TVNZ U.

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